Chairman, President & CEO Message and 2015 Highlights

To Our Stakeholders:

From its genesis, Calgon Carbon has created advanced products that remove harmful toxins from air and water. While our products - on their own - contribute to a better and healthier environment, we also put effort into operating our company in the most responsible way possible. Three years ago, we made a commitment to tracking and sharing our efforts, and our impact on our environmental, social, and economic influence. I am proud to introduce our third Sustainability Report, which chronicles our progress toward this commitment and reports our initiatives and performance in regards to those focus areas. By tracking our sustainability data, we easily and effectively manage our efforts as we move forward. I can say confidentially that we took our sustainability progress to a new level in 2015. 


The year started with a move to the new corporate headquarters and Innovation Center in January. The new building, which is expected to be LEED certified and features solar energy, reflects Calgon Carbon's dedication to sustainability at the highest level. The move reduced our physical footprint by 21,000 square feet and also decreased our energy demand by 27% in the first year. In addition to being energy efficient, it features a living vegetation roof, sensored lighting throughout, and provides access to local trails and locker room facilities for employees. Each floor dons a collaborative atmosphere to facilitate productive interactions between departments and business units, and each employee underwent ergonomics training to ensure their workstation met their needs. Safety was a priority throughout the move with additional newsletters and programs geared specifically towards keeping employees safe during the transition. I am extremely happy to report that there were no injuries recorded during any of the various moving phases to the new headquarters or Innovation Center.


Above and beyond the move to a new headquarters, safety remained a priority in 2015 as we enacted new programs and initiatives to improve our performance. We saw improvements in recordable injuries throughout both the Americas and Asia. The advancements are attributed to:

  • TRAINING: A focus on behavior based safety and personal training through a global program called SafeStart;
  • COMMUNICATION: Weekly safety newsletters issued globally, safety videos and creative messaging, the formation of an executive safety committee, and a safety award program.

Unfortunately, we did not see an improvement in safety performance in our European operations. We are taking steps in 2016 which we believe will provide the support necessary to positively impact their safety performance.

Environmental Management

For our U.S. operations, we expect to achieve certification to RC14001®, a formalized environmental, health, safety and security management system established by the American Chemistry Council.  This system will drive our continuous improvement efforts in several areas, not just our environmental performance.  We see this initiative as integral to the continued success of our operations and complementary to our sustainability efforts and several of our facilities have established objectives and targets with respect to their individual environmental management system. We are working to understand and leverage those objectives and targets to evaluate how to then best establish corporate wide environmental objectives.

Environmental Performance

We continue to tout the environmental benefits of reactivation - the process of recycling spent or used carbon - and converted an additional 22 municipal customers to custom reactivation in 2015. This process has shown to have a lesser impact on the environment because reactivation uses less energy, water, and produces less greenhouse gas emissions than virgin activated carbon. So, while growing our business and increasing our virgin and reactivated carbon production, we are also improving our energy efficiency and reducing our water usage and greenhouse gas emissions.

In 2015 we forged ahead with our sustainability efforts and I know, with certainty, that we have made huge strides.  We track our sustainability performance and enact programs and initiatives that foster continuous improvement in our efforts to enhance the workplace, protect the environment, promote product stewardship, and support our local communities. We will continue to place top priority on these initiatives and reporting our progress. These efforts, as always, require the dedication of our employees, who consistently go above and beyond to shape the future of our company.

I thank you for taking the time to read our 2015 Sustainability Report, and look forward to continuing our widespread efforts to bring you updates on our growth and performance in years to come. I encourage your feedback and welcome comments and suggestions.


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Randall S. Dearth
Chairman, President, & CEO
Calgon Carbon Corporation