Calgon Carbon interacts with many different groups in the areas of the world in which we operate. As a result, we consider a broad range of perspectives and viewpoints in developing our sustainability priorities. Active engagement with all of our stakeholders is a business imperative for the Company.

Our approach to stakeholder engagement at this time is a combination of formal and informal interaction. Formally, we maintain regular two-way communication with our investors via annual reports, quarterly company updates, sell-side conferences, conference calls and meetings at investor offices and Company facilities. Throughout the year, we also engage federal and state elected officials on topics relevant to our Company and its operations and host a variety of site visits for these officials. Interaction with government officials also occurs through routine reporting requirements.

Informally, Calgon Carbon engages other stakeholders including our employees, customers, suppliers and the media. A formalized and documented approach to stakeholder engagement and assessment was developed as part of our commitment to Responsible Care®. This allows interaction with all of our stakeholders and provides a means by which to evaluate the effectiveness of our communications.