Enhancing Our Workplace

The success of our business and operations is attributed to the technical skill, creativity and dedication of our employees across the corporation. It is our responsibility to provide a safe and engaging work environment for all employees, regardless of their global location. We pledge to enhance our workplace through initiatives and programs designed to engage our employees while providing a safe environment to succeed.

Efforts include developing and enacting policies, programs, opportunities and activities best suited for employees and operations, as well as reporting on meaningful metrics. Current policies reflecting our commitment to providing a safe workplace include our Environmental, Health, Safety and Security Policy and our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.

Diversity and Equal Opportunity, Employment and Occupational Health and Safety are our material aspects in this key focus area. We continually monitor and evaluate our programs and policies, and what we can do to improve upon them. Routine evaluation is necessary for continuous improvement, and provides a basis on which to improve.

We focus on workplace safety and our employees as expanded upon in the following sections.