Additional Benefits and Development Opportunities

The leadership development program continued in 2016 with the ultimate objective of cultivating the leadership potential for the Company's continued success. The program consists of executive and management level development centers where nominated and approved participants are observed by current Calgon Carbon leadership during real  life business simulations. During the year, three development centers were completed with a total of 18 participants. Participants are observed during the centers and provided feedback on their performance. As a result, an 18 month, personalized developmental action plan is created to enhance and strengthen the participant's leadership skills.

In addition to the action plan, a 360° feedback survey was designed for participants in the leadership development program and launched at the end of 2015 to capture peer and supervisor feedback. Participants are also able to self assess through the survey. Survey results are compiled for anonymity and only viewed by the consultant, the participant and the supervisor. Results are not used in the Performance Appraisal System or process, but are utilized in creating action plans.

Employees also have access to an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), a free program for employees and their household members that offers assistance for a variety of issues including but not limited to family, alcohol, drugs, emotions, stress, legal or financial questions. EAP services include informational materials, counseling, phone consultations and advice on approaches or resources to further assist with the issue. While those utilizing the program remain completely anonymous, we are able to track the types of issues reported. With this information, we can evaluate how to adjust internal programs and benefits to better serve the health and well being of our employees and their households. To date, no specific internal changes have resulted from the program. However, we continued work in 2016 to formalize alternative work schedule policies such as part time, flexible work arrangements and compressed work schedules.