Behavior Based Safety

The Behavior Based Safety Program represents a global, standardized behavior based safety system that encourages safe behaviors and positive feedback, and engages all levels of employees through observations and reporting. While the program requires participation on the individual level, it includes senior leadership to set the example for vigilance and participation.

We continue to stress the importance of the program, and continued to increase participation in 2016. Since program implementation, participation has grown to 40%. Throughout the year, employees submitted more than 4000 observations, which equates to more than 4000 times that employees were engaged in the program and process. This is a direct reflection of the priority we place on safe behaviors and utilizing this process.

Behavior Based Safety 2016 2015 2014
Employee Participation 40% 33% 24%

Observations metrics derived from the program are evaluated for safe and at risk behaviors through five categories: behaviors observed, personal protective equipment, tools and equipment, procedures and housekeeping. Those identified as at risk are reviewed from the corporate and site level to track trends and identify improvement opportunities. In 2016, we also formalized our program training and added the training course to our online learning management system. The course also formally explains how to integrate our SafeStart® training concepts into our observations. The course allows for a formal process for training new employees to the program, or for providing refresher training when relevant or applicable.

We believe the success of this program is reflected in our improved safety performance again in 2016, and will continue to emphasize the program to provide the feedback necessary to encourage safe behaviors.