Communications and Awareness

The foundation of a great safety program starts with a culture of safety awareness, and we accomplish this by maintaining open avenues of communication at every level in the organization.

The Executive Safety Committee, which consists of the CEO and senior leadership, conducts bi-monthly and ad hoc meetings to review the safety performance of the corporation and advise on improvement opportunities with a focus on US Operations. Throughout the year, members of the committee conducted Safety Leadership presentations to all manufacturing and reactivation site employees. Presentations focused on providing open dialogue with employees to emphasize the importance of safety, corporate and site safety performance and trends, as well as what solutions and efforts are or will be taken to continuously improve performance and expectations of everyone involved.

In 2016, an executive safety committee was established for our European operations to provide more localized emphasis on improving the safety performance of our operations in this region.

Safety performance and program efforts are discussed as the first agenda item at meetings, including at corporate Town Hall Meetings, which are broadcast live across the organization so that sites and employees can participate. In addition, weekly safety newsletters are prepared and distributed to all Calgon Carbon employees globally. Newsletters highlight a variety of topics relevant to our employees, operations, and business, including topics relevant to personal safety outside of the workplace. Topics addressed include our safety performance and metrics, summaries of behavior based observation trends, best practices, safety accomplishments and recognition and seasonal personal safety tips.