Indicator Data LA12 & Voluntary Retention Rate

Governance Bodies

In 2016, Calgon Carbon was governed by a Board of Directors, which included the President and CEO who also serves as Chairman, and eight outside members. Recognizing that a governing body encompasses those with final decision making authority, five additional executive officers were also considered members of the governing body at Calgon Carbon. As defined at Calgon Carbon, in 2016 the governing body was made up of 7% females, and 29% of the governing body members are between the ages of 30-50, with the remaining members over 50.

Employee Breakdown by Category

The make-up of personnel in the Americas and Europe did not significantly change in 2016, nor was it impacted by any major factors. However, the change in the make-up of personnel in our Asian operations reflects targeted efforts to balance gender diversity, while building upon the skills of the organization, specifically in Japan.

LA 12: Composition of Governance Bodies and Breakdown of Employees per Employee Category According to Gender, Age Group, Minority Group Membership and Other Indicators of Diversity.

LA12 Age graph

gender graph

*Please note data for Europe does not reflect employees of our New Business

Annual Voluntary Retention Rate

Rates of employee turnover are a key metric within Calgon Carbon and material to our day-to-day operations. With voluntary and involuntary terminations formally defined, data is collected and presented. We actively report on annual voluntary retention for the corporation as a whole. The metric measures the percentage of employees still employed by the Company over a defined period of time. We compare this metric against industry standards and continue to track our voluntary and involuntary terminations.

  2016 2015 2014
Annual Voluntary Retention Rate 93% 95% 93%