Indicator Data LA5 & LA6

All sites are responsible for ensuring employee participation in safety programs and processes as required in the Calgon Carbon Safety Standards, management systems and the Process Safety Code where relevant and applicable.

We attribute our improved incident rates in the Americas and in Europe to our increased focus on safe behaviors, most notably through the Behavior Based Safety Program and the SafeStart® training program. We also attribute the improvement to our increasing safety awareness and communications throughout the organization, sharing best practices and recognizing individual safety improvements. Efforts focused on improving the safety performance of our European operations include continued emphasis on the SafeStart® training program, establishment of an EU executive safety committee and the addition of a safety professional at the Feluy facility, the largest of our operations in the EU.

LA5: Percent of Total Workforce Represented in Formal Joint Management-Worker Health and Safety Committees that help Monitor and Advise on Occupational Health and Safety Programs.

LA5 Graph

LA6: Type of Injury and Rates of Injury, Reported by Region
OSHA Recordable Incident Rate

LA6 Graph

Lost Time Incident Rate

lost time graph

*Americas: Per the Corporate Incident Notification Policy, all incidents including near misses are to be reported immediately to the supervisor.

** Europe and Asia: Injury rate does not reflect minor injuries; it only includes incidents considered recordable under U.S. OSHA record-keeping regulations.