Our Safety

Safety is our first priority because our workforce is our most valuable asset. This belief serves as the driving force behind our constant efforts to improve safety and security at all of our facilities. We are committed at all levels of our operation to protect the health and lives of the people involved with our business.

Every day is an opportunity to improve safety. Our level of expectation regarding safety at Calgon Carbon is reiterated through the actions of our executive management team and our policies and procedures. As described in our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, to which all employees subscribe upon employment, working safely is a condition of employment.

We believe all incidents are preventable, and that an incident free workplace is obtainable. We strive for continual improvement in our safety performance and communicate our progress openly with both internal and external stakeholders.

Embedding safety into daily behaviors and conversations is essential to maintaining safety as a top priority. Employees must embrace and share the same ideals of preventing incidents, injuries or harm. This engaged approach requires all employees, regardless of their position in the organization, to be involved in our safety programs and improves our safety culture.

Our Calgon Carbon Safety Standards are a comprehensive blueprint for our safety program, and in many cases, exceed OSHA regulations. Regardless of location, all of our facilities must comply with or exceed these standards while complying with all other applicable regional or jurisdictional standards. This global approach and standardization stresses the priority we place on safety in the workplace, and encourages the development of a worldwide culture around the topic, not just a protocol. In addition, all operations follow the corporate incident notification policy as a system of rules and reporting. Incidents, including near misses, are reported through a companywide incident investigation/reporting database. Internal safety and audit compliance checks are regularly performed and recorded as well.

With regard to contractor safety, we track and record incidents involving contractors working on site. Incidents involving our contractors are recorded through our corporate incident database, and we follow a formalized process for reporting these contractor incidents.

We remain steadfastly committed to ensuring the safety of our employees and the workplace, and this is evident in our ongoing efforts and programs.