SafeStart® Training

SafeStart® is a program and process for developing personal safety skills critical to a safe working environment. It focuses on creating a mindset that allows people to identify states of mind that lead to critical errors and injuries. Critical error reduction techniques and skills learned in the program will assist the Company with encouraging personal responsibility, and providing motivation for safety awareness. The safety skills learned through the program are relevant to each and every employee, regardless of their job function and are also relevant and applicable outside of work.

We employ the SafeStart® program to improve our safety performance and reduce incidents caused by unsafe behaviors. All employees are required to complete the SafeStart® training, with new employees receiving introductory training until attending the first session. In 2016, we continued program training through the extended application units and developed our own supplemental training to deliver between formal units. Certified internal trainers are instrumental in delivering the training sessions, and keep employees engaged and focused on the concepts learned through the program. Each site has a SafeStart® Steering Committee to promote the program concepts in interesting and meaningful ways that meet the needs of the employee base.

To improve the effectiveness of the program, we integrated SafeStart® concepts into our Behavior Based Safety Program and our incident investigation and reporting. When completing an observation or incident report, we have the ability to identify which states of mind were involved, evaluate the error made, and determine which critical error reduction techniques were or could have been practiced. We utilize the weekly safety newsletters to share SafeStart® stories and provide employees examples of how to apply SafeStart® concepts at work and at home to re-iterate the importance of practicing safe behaviors at all times.

The program is scheduled to continue in 2017, with internal trainers delivering extended application units where applicable. Sites also maintain a training schedule for new employees to ensure every employee receives full program training.