Wellness Programs

Employee health and morale is essential to our operations and growth, and we endorse wellness committees to promote the physical and mental well being of our employees. We encourage facility-based programs designed to benefit the local employee base. Our various facilities have programs that are tailored to the needs each wellness committee deems fit and that employees express interest in.

Our corporate-based wellness committee works to bring several activities to employees in the Pittsburgh region each year. Activities organized by the committee include free health screenings, immunization clinics, heart screenings, and fitness challenges. The annual fitness challenge promotes maximum participation and offers awards for reaching various milestones. The March Madness progressive luncheon received such positive feedback in 2015 that it continued in 2016. The company also continues the tradition of promoting a daily 15 minute walk. The activity provides employees both a mental and physical break in the workday.

Comprised of Pittsburgh area employees, the Calgon Carbon Crushers continued to compete in 2016 in a local softball league. The team encourages employees to participate, regardless of skill level, as a way to promote wellness. The team finished third in their division, with a season record of 20 wins and 11 losses.