Environmental Stewardship

Calgon Carbon's purification solutions, services and technologies provide a direct environmental benefit to the global community by helping customers:

  • Convert wastewater to potable water

  • Remediate contaminated soils and water

  • Treat wastewater

  • Prevent the transportation of invasive species

  • Reduce mercury emissions in flue gas streams

  • Capture toxic air pollutants from industrial and remedial processes

  • Protect war fighters and other individuals from toxic gases

It is our mission to support the positive environmental impact of our customers. In order to do this, we are obligated to responsibly manage our own environmental performance and impacts. We further solidify this mission with our commitment to safeguarding people and the environment, outlined in our corporate Environmental,Health, Safety and Security Policy.

Our management approach includes implementing formal management systems where relevant and practicable, and in 2016 we completed certification of our comprehensive environmental, health, safety and security management system in our U.S. operations. Several of our Chemviron facilities and our Suzhou facility in China operate under similar, yet separate environmental management systems. Under each management system, facilities are required to develop environmental objectives and targets and based on site specific metrics and operational goals and managed at the site level.

Responsible and efficient management of our environmental performance is accomplished by monitoring our progress, tracking the impact of capital and facility projects and then identifying ways to improve and develop our processes. In 2016, we continued to evaluate the material aspects on which we have significant impacts: waste, water, energy and emissions, and materials.

Information regarding our performance and metrics relative to these core areas provides further insight to our management approach and progress.