Eliminating and Reducing Process Water

The reactivation process at Gila Bend consumes 99% less water per metric ton of production than is consumed at other, comparble reactivation facilities, showcasing the benefits of eliminating and reducing process water.

Still in progress in 2016, upgrades to the industrial reactivation process at the Neville Island facility include similar improvements to reduce water consumption. The project includes reducing the need for motive water transport, which conserves energy and increases available reactivation furnace capacity. The location will also install equipment similar to GilaBend's to reduce the use of water for product cooling.

We also evaluate our operations to find opportunities where equipment modifications or automations will better manage water consumption in our operations. Reducing water consumption and proper management also leads to reduced energy consumption and associated greenhouse gas emissions. In 2016, our  Big Sandy plant implemented equipment modifications to monitor water levels in real time, which allowed the site to automate controls and conserve water. Previous practices often resulted in overflows and wasted water, and proved difficult to maintain adequate water levels.