Energy Conservation

Improving energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions are at the forefront of our project designs and considerations - from upgrading our lighting to major capital projects to reducing our energy demand. We are committed to the sustainable growth of our operations by responsibly managing our energy and emissions. Highlights of our energy conservation efforts include:

  • Overall, energy efficiency improvements at the Big Sandy facility continue to have a positive impact on the energy demand per metric ton  of production. Since 2013, the site - our largest virgin activated carbon production facility - has reduced its energy consumption per metric ton by more than 13%.
  • A capital project at our Gila Bend plant reduced energy costs by installing a capacitor to correct the power factor. With a lower power factor, the facility was drawing a high current, requiring larger equipment to manage the current and resulting in lost energy in the distribution system. Correcting the power factor reduces energy loss in the distribution system and the associated costs from the electric utility. Improved energy efficiency at the site is reflected in 2016 metrics and attributed to this project.