Expansion and Upgrades for Reactivation at Neville Island

Reactivation of spent activated carbon is integral to our business and the ability to process and recycle our product allows us to provide a value-added and sustainable way for our customers to meet their purification needs.

To support this critical role, we initiated an expansion and upgrade project at the Neville Island reactivation facility in Pittsburgh, PA. The project will eliminate off-site unloading  and storage operations and the associated transport of millions of pounds of carbon between facilities each year. Consolidated operations will reduce fuel consumption and emissions by reducing truck traffic. A new loading operation at the plant in which product can be loaded directly into bulk trucks for delivery to customers will result in additional logistics improvements. The new operation eliminates the packaging and transfer of material associated with off-site bulk loading.

Learning from our success at capturing and reusing carbon fines at our Pearl River facility, the project includes installation of a system to collect carbon fines for use in finished products or to use as a fuel source for the furnace combustion. This practice of capturing carbon fines prior to incineration will have a significant beneficial impact on our greenhouse gas emissions, as well as reduce waste generation.