Generated Waste

Again last year, as a corporation we decreased our total hazardous waste disposal, while at the same time increased the percentage of hazardous waste beneficially disposed compared to baseline data.

Since 2013, we have seen our total non-hazardous waste disposal increase. The increase continued through 2015 because of certain waste disposal activities at our Big Sandy plant. In 2013, the facility received a "Contained In Determination" from the EPA which allowed the facility to dispose of lagoon solids as non-hazardous waste. The facility has disposed of lagoon solids in significant quantity to maintain the functionality of the lagoons. This activity accounted for 67% of the total non-hazardous waste disposed for the facility in 2015, and 29% in 2016. We expect this waste stream to remain lower than 2015 levels - as it was in 2016 - but anticipate fluctuations from year to year due to lagoon maintenance requirements.

If we evaluate our total non-hazardous waste disposal, omitting the impact of the lagoon solids disposal activities at Big Sandy, total non-hazardous waste generated and disposed since our baseline year of 2013 has decreased. We attribute this reduction to a change in how we manage our product fines over this time period. As best practice, several facilities are now capturing carbon fines and recycling them into other products instead of disposing of them as a non- hazardous waste.

We remain committed to open and transparent reporting of our waste disposal practices, and continue to find beneficial outlets for our waste streams.

EN 23: Total Weight of Waste by Type and Disposal

Quantity, Metric Tons

Catagory - Quantity, Metric Tons 2016 2015 2014 2013
 Total Hazardous Waste 3,119  3,209  3,713  3,759
 Total Beneficial Use of Hazardous Waste 281  202  159  206
 Total Non-Beneficial Disposal of Hazardous Waste 2,838  3007  3554  3553
 Total Non-Hazardous Waste 21,076*  38,237*  22,680  16,432
 Total Beneficial Use of Non-Hazardous Waste 7,010  8,073  9,429  6,164
 Total  Non-Beneficial Disposal of Non-Hazardous Waste 14,066*  30,164*  13,251  10,268

 *Significant increase in total non-hazardous waste as a result of additional waste disposal activities at one location.