As an experienced manufacturer of activated carbon products and water purification systems, we have learned that understanding the materials we use for our business is imperative in the development of efficient products and proper management of our operations.  We are committed to monitoring the composition and volume of our materials usage.  This allows us to assess production yields and develop accurate process improvements.  

To monitor our material usage across the organization, each manufacturing and reactivation facility reports materials used, including raw materials, associated process materials, semi-manufactured goods and parts and packaging materials.  In addition, the amount of material sourced from recycled material was determined to calculate the percentage of recycled material used.  Data is centrally collected and aggregated for reporting.

In 2015, our operations used more than 310,000 metric tons of materials, 71% of which were non-renewable materials, compared to 73% non-renewable materials used in 2014.  We also increased our recycled input material compared to the same time frame last year.  We define our activated carbon that is returned for reactivation and distribution into the marketplace as a recycled input.

Overall, our increase in raw material consumption is the result of increased production of both virgin activated carbon and reactivated carbon and related material needs of increased production.  The principle raw material for our activated carbon products is bituminous coal, a non-renewable raw material.

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Indicator EN1 & EN2

EN1: Materials Used By Weight Or Volume


2015 Quantity (Metric Ton)

2014 Quantity

(Metric Ton)

2013 Quantity

(Metric Ton)

Total   Materials




Total   Non-Renewable Materials Used




Total   Renewable Materials Used





EN2: Percentage of Materials Used That Are   Recycled Input Materials






Total   Recycled Input Material





We will continue to proactively manage our material consumption, monitor usage and improve operations to ensure that our manufacturing and production processes are operating at the highest level of efficiency.  Calgon Carbon is also committed to promoting our reactivation process and services; this allows us to minimize the environmental impact of our purification products by achieving the highest level of use out of the raw material input.   The continuous cycle of reactivating spent activated carbon extends the life of the product, originally derived from a non-renewable material. 

An example of our commitment to proactively managing materials is evidenced through implementation of waste to feedstock projects at multiple locations.