As an experienced manufacturer of activated carbon products and water purification systems, we have learned that understanding the materials we use for our business is imperative in the development of efficient products and proper management of our operations. We are committed to monitoring the composition and volume of our materials usage. This allows us to assess production yields and develop accurate process improvements.

To monitor our material usage across the organization, each manufacturing and reactivation facility reports materials used, including raw materials, associated process materials, semi-manufactured goods and parts and packaging materials. In addition, the  amount of material sourced from recycled material  was determined to calculate the percentage of recycled material used. Data is centrally collected and aggregated for reporting.

The principle raw material for our activated carbon products is bituminous coal, a non-renewable raw material. Our second main raw material is the spent activated carbon returned to our facilities for reactivation. Fluctuations in the amount of these  raw materials used in production will directly impact material metrics.

In 2016, our operations used more than 300,000 metric tons of materials, 72% of which were non-renewable materials compared to 71% non- renewable materials used in 2015. Overall, the quantity of materials used has decreased which reflects the decreased production volumes across our organization for the comparable time frame. Our recycled input shows a slight decrease compared to previous years, attributed to our overall decrease in the amount of reactivation in 2016. We do not see this slight decrease as significant.