UV Technologies (Engineered Solutions Plant)

Long term and final product testing of UV reactors at our UV Technologies Division (Engineered Solutions plant) requires water to be continuously passed through the reactors, before entering a chiller to be cooled down for reuse. Utilizing a closed loop water circulation system for this process prevents the facility from withdrawing over 120,000 cubic meters of water from local sources.

UV has continued to seasonally relocate the chiller used in product testing to offset energy consumed for heating and cooling. Located indoors in cooler weather, the heat released by the chiller is returned to the building to offset building heating requirements. Moving the chiller outdoors in warmer temperature reduces the stress on the building's cooling system. The practice is dynamic and correlates to testing levels, reflected in the project's energy savings of over the last 3 years, which has fluctuated between 200 and 1600 GJ.