Waste to Feedstock

Carbon fines remain one of our largest waste streams at many of our facilities. Responsible management of this waste stream remains at the forefront of our materials and waste management approaches. While sending carbon fines for use as a fuel source is considered a beneficial use, we believe carbon fines have more value when used for the intrinsic properties for which we produce activated and reactivated carbon products. It is not enough just to arrange for beneficial use, we strive to manage carbon fines to achieve maximum positive benefit.

An added benefit to the practice of recycling fines into other products is the reduction in transportation costs, and associated energy and emissions from transporting fines for use as a fuel source.

Facilities successful with capturing and recycling fines in 2016 are noted below:

  • More than 550 metric tons of carbon fines at our Feluy facility in Belgium were captured and recycled into other products instead of sending the fines for beneficial disposal as a fuel source.
  • More than 1000 metric tons of carbon fines at the Pearl River facility were recycled into other products.

Learning from our success at capturing and reusing carbon fines at our Pearl River facility, the capital project for upgrading the industrial reactivation process at our Neville Island facility includes installation of a system to collect carbon fines to be recycled into onsite processes as a fuel source for the furnace combustion. This practice of capturing carbon fines prior to incineration also reduces maintenance downtime of the abatement system.