The health and well being of the global community depends on access to clean, safe and adequate water supplies. While this continues to be a challenge for the global community, our organization plays a critical role as a solutions provider to address the challenge.

With purification technologies and services, working with our customers to provide sustainable water solutions is core to our mission. Our Company has drinking water systems in place around the world, providing safe drinking water to millions of people in thousands of communities. We also offer technologies for converting wastewater to potable water with Granular Activated Carbon (GAC), UV Disinfection Technologies, and Ion Exchange Technologies.

Beyond providing water purification solutions for our customers, we have to responsibly manage our own water usage. As part of our continuous monitoring, we strive to gain a complete understanding of our water usage and where our water is sourced from.

We recognize we need to proactively manage our water consumption in order to protect against rising water costs and potential supply disruptions. We maintain our focus on eliminating and reducing the use of process water wherever possible.