Our Products

An essential part of our product development cycle is the evaluation of each product for health, safety and environmental hazards and regulatory compliance.

With our commitment to Responsible Care®, we completed implementation of the Product Safety Code in our U.S. operations to ensure the safety and stewardship of our products. The code outlines eleven necessary management practices and enables systemic product evaluation, demonstrates continuous improvement of product safety while improving communications and influences product safety throughout our value chain. Complete implementation resulted in development of processes to fulfill all of the following management practices:

  • Senior leadership commitment to product safety and stewardship.
  • Organizational accountability and management of product safety and stewardship.
  • Product evaluation and prioritization based on available hazard and exposure information.
  • Maintenance of information on safety, health and environmental hazards, intended product uses and exposures for new and existing products.
  • Risk characterization of high priority products based on product information.
  • Product safety management to identify, implement, document, and communicate measures to manage product risks.
  • Management of new information that may impact risk characterization and product safety management.
  • Product design and improvement that considers health, safety and environmental impacts in the innovation, design, development and improvement of products, their manufacture and uses.
  • Value chain communication, cooperation and outreach to work with value chain participants to foster product safety management and information exchange.
  • Information sharing to provide publically available product safety and stewardship information as appropriate.
  • Routine monitoring and assessment of product safety and stewardship information to drive continuous performance improvements and corrective actions when necessary.

With these processes, the Product Safety Committee is able to complete the risk characterization and product safety management of high priority products. Action plans are initiated when identified and required by the Product Safety Committee.