Our Suppliers

The demand for transparency in the value chain remains ever present, with a focus on sustainable performance.  Stakeholders increasingly request details on our environmental, health and safety systems in place and details of our performance measures.  We recognize our impact is of material concern to our value chain partners, and the environmental and social impact of our value chain partners is material to our operations as well.   Sustainable performance is a priority for Calgon Carbon and a driver to maintain business relationships in the value chain.  We are constantly working to develop and expand this commitment. 

Safeguarding people and the environment requires a supportive value chain to drive and support our commitment.  Screening suppliers against environmental criteria and performance is one such method to ensure our value chain supports this commitment.  Each of our regions manages suppliers separately, and while some locations have a formalized screening process, we are still developing and implementing screening processes where we are lacking.  

In 2015, we launched a project in our U.S. operations to implement a process for improving how we screen vendors for their environmental, health, safety and security performance.  The project will give Calgon Carbon the transparency needed to understand the environmental, health, safety and security impact of our value chain partners.  Scheduled for implementation in 2016, the screening process will enable proactive management of this material aspect. 

Indicator EN32 & EN33 

To monitor progress toward managing the identified material aspect, supplier environmental assessment, we continue to track the percentage of suppliers screened with environmental criteria (EN32) and the actual and potential negative environmental impacts of our suppliers (EN33).  These two metrics combined give us further understanding of the impact our value chain partners have on the environment.

EN32: Percentage of New Suppliers Screened Using Environmental Criteria




Total New Suppliers Screened with Environmental Criteria




EN33: Significant Actual and Potential Negative Environmental Impacts in the Supply Chain and Actions Taken




Total Suppliers Subject to Environmental Impact Assessments




Suppliers Identified to Have Negative Environmental Impact




Suppliers Terminated for Negative Environmental Impact