Product Stewardship

We are dedicated to providing products that are safe when used responsibly and for their intended use, while ultimately helping the global community meet today's most daunting air and water purification challenges.

Our products and services are inherently designed to protect people and the environment from contaminants. This design, coupled with our commitment to responsibly manage the impacts of our products throughout their lifecycle, enhances the overall positive impact of our products and services. Accordingly, we take responsibility for the safety and stewardship of our products, and this focus includes evaluating the sustainability and responsibility of the suppliers engaged in our value chain.

In 2016, we completed implementation of the Product Safety Code as required by our commitment to Responsible Care®. The Product Safety Code formalizes our process for managing product safety and stewardship. Also key in 2016, we implemented a process for our US operations to screen suppliers identified as high risk to the safety and environmental performance of our operations. With these processes and assessing key performance metrics, we are able to proactively manage this key focus area.